Parrhasian Trails

The Parrhasian Heritage Park Trails provide visitors with a pre-planned route to explore some of the Park's highlights! There are 4 existing trails within the Park, and each offers something different to see. You can learn more about each trail, its duration, difficulty, and features using the trail pages in the sidebar of this page. There are several new trails currently under development, so check back for updates on new trail openings. To learn more about what goes into developing a trail, browse our Park Planning page.

Trail of Pan

The Trail of Pan extends from the village of Ano Karyes (Arcadia) to the village of Neda (Messenia), a total of 5.65 km. The trail connects the provinces of Arcadia and Messenia, and includes beautiful vistas to the north and west of the upper Neda river valley, the site of the Sanctuary of Pan at Berekla, and a portion of the south face of Mt. Lykaion, including the Ash Altar.

Trail of Pan sizing
Lykaion area Map

A map of the area around Mt. Lykaion. The yellow line indicates the Trail of Zeus, and the orange line indicates the Trail of Pan.

Pan Trail Opening

The Trail of Pan was the first Parrhasian Park trail to open on July 30, 2011. Thirty-five villagers together with local and regional dignitaries left the two villages at 10 am and met near the political boundary for a signing ceremony. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Evangelos Giannakouras, Governor of Arcadia, Dr. Takis Bouras, Mayor of Megalopolis, Dr. Anna Karapanagiotou, Ephor of the ΛΘ’ Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Dr. David Gilman Romano, Co-Director of the Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project together with members of the Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project and the Parrhasian Heritage Park Field School participants.

Trail of Zeus

The Trail of Zeus is an 8.4km path that loops around Mt. Lykaion. Along this path, you can visit the site of the ancient Mt. Lykaion Games, the Altar of Zeus archaeological area, and arrive at the small village of Ano Karyes.

Trail of Zeus Trailhead
Lykaion Trail Map

Map of the Trail of Zeus around Mt. Lykaion

Trail of Zeus Poster

A map showing the different viewsheds that can be enjoyed along the Trail of Zeus.

Trail of Zeus opening walk

The Trail of Zeus was the second trail to open in the Parrhasian Heritage Park. It was inaugurated on July 14, 2012.

Twenty villagers, civic officials, and the Parrhasian Heritage Park Field School participants met in Ano Karyes and hiked to the ancient hippodrome at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion.

Participants included Mr. Kyriakos Karagiannis, President of the Lykosoura Union, Mr. Photis Zois, President of the Vasta Syllogos, Mr. Athannasios Cresteas, President of Chastanochoroi, together with the Director of the American School of Classical Studies, Dr. Jim Wright, Dr. David Gilman Romano and Dr. Mary Voyatzis, Co-Directors of the Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project and Mr. Mark Davison, and Ms. Ximena Valle, Parrhasian Heritage Park Planners.

Trail of Ag. Theodora

The Trail of Ag. Theodora runs from Vasta to the 11th or 12th century chapel Aghia Theodora, a total of 4.2 km. Along the way, the trail passes through beautiful forests and along panoramic ridges.

St. Theodora combined
Ag. Theodora dedication
Ag. Theodora inaguration

The trail of Ag. Theodora was inaugurated by the Priest from Vasta on July 21, 2013. The opening of the trail was followed by a presentation about the community effort to realize the trails and the creation of the Parrhasian Heritage Park. The trail itself was a project initiated by the village of Vasta, and the Parrhasian Heritage Park offered assistance in completing the project.

Trail of Rhea

The Trail of Rhea is a 1.74 km loop trail. It features a viewpoint of a cave thought to be the birthplace of Zeus.

Trail of Rhea combined

The Trail of Rhea opened on July 12, 2014. The day was celebrated with a lunch and a series of talks about the Parrhasian Heritage Park.

In Greek mythology Rhea was the mother of Zeus, and from ancient literary sources, Callimachus and Pausanias, tell us that Rhea gave birth to Zeus on Mt. Lykaion. Pausanias adds that Zeus was born in a cave high on the slopes of the mountain. There are of course many caves in the region of Mt. Lykaion, but a very prominent cave is located on a ridge immediately to the southeast of Ano Karyes.